Thursday, February 3, 2011

Oh Baby

Shout to the heavens! It is one am and Jacob is asleep in his crib. So it is night two -well technically 3 but Monday didn't count because I gave up at 2 a.m. and finally just brought him to bed with me- of teaching Jacob that he doesn't have to sleep with his tiny baby feet in my back and neck any longer. As with the other two, I felt that co-sleeping was the best option for us when Jacob was preparing to make his way into the world. I have thoroughly enjoyed cuddling with him every evening and did not mind at all the middle of the night feedings and waking up at 3 am just to lean down about an inch from his face to make sure he was breathing. I only got out a tiny mirror and held it under his nose once. ok, twice but you have to really make sure when they are so tiny. It is hard to tell if their chest is rising and falling so that really was my only option. back to the point. I have been so blessed to have a healthy baby boy who loves to snuggle right up next to his mommy. I was not in any kind of a hurry to make him go sleep all the way across the hall in his huge crib all by himself. My husband on the other hand is ready to get our bed back. He has been sleeping on the very edge of the bed for about six months now and I think he is over it. He informed me the other day that it was time to begin the transition into the crib. I, being the flexible, supportive wife that I am said, "of course! you are so right! It is important to develop good sleeping habits at an early age and if we ever hope to sleeping soundly through the night with all children tucked into their own beds then we must get Jacob used to sleeping in his crib now." That is a lie. What I really said was, "are you kidding me? he is so little! He still likes to eat a few times during the night and needs me near him. His room is so far away. all the way across the hall! and his crib is so big and he might get cold but he cant tell us because he cant talk and what if he gets too hot and starts having trouble breathing? SIDS has been linked to babies getting too warm while they sleep. No, we need to just wait a little bit longer. What about when he is one?"

So here we are....night number two of him sleeping in his crib. We are trying to establish a nightly routine but I'm still haven't figured out what the magic number is for his bedtime. We have tried 645 and 8 and both times he woke up around 11p.m. ready to play and have a snack. Tonight I put him down at 9 because he had a late nap and he slept soundly until about 11. I went up to feed him and got him back down. It is now 1:45 and he has woken up crying six times. I know they are supposed to learn to self soothe but I just cant seem to get on board with that one. When he wakes up he starts crying and if I get there soon enough, I can give him his pacifier and he will go back to sleep but if I wait and try to let him "cry it out" he flips out and gets more and more worked up. I don't know what I'm doing at all! meanwhile, I'm like a zombie walking around half awake trying to get through my day. He has been quiet for the last 45 minutes so I guess I'm gonna try to go on up to bed. I thought maybe I could wait it out and stay up until he was good and asleep for the night but I did not know it would be this late.

Do you ever get tired thinking about the next day and you haven't even gone to bed yet? That is just sad. Oh well, it won't be like this forever. I must remember that and be thankful for all that God has blessed me with. Thanks for stopping by and supporting my ranting. Talk to you soon.

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